Infrared heaters for homes in Alicante

natural way of obtaining heat, just as in nature from the sun

Why infrared heating?

  • Provide radiant heating for indoor areas
  • Reduce the heating cost because they do not heat the air
  • Do not spread viruses with the air
  • Feel like the home sun
  • Heat the surroundings, walls, ceiling, floor, objects, people
  • Healthy, organic and safe
  • Very easy to install and have no maintenance
  • Controlled with smart thermostats
  • App and Voice Commands (Alexa & Google Home)
  • Have 5 years of Warranty

Choose only the best for your family and you

Model Power Size Heating zone
R-D0580 580 watts 100cm x 60cm 8 – 14m²
R-D0900 900 watts 120cm x 75cm 14 – 20m²

Low consumption

Far Infrared Heating has reduced energy consumption

Organic and healthy

Feel like the sun! Panel keeps your room mold-free. Our panels are excellent for people with allergies

Perfect quality

High quality and 0% defect rate

Easy installation

Can be installed in few minutes – you only need 4 holes in a wall (screws are included)

No maintenance

You only need electricity to run panels

Smart controls

Control the heat from anywhere with our Smart WiFi Thermostats or use any other wired thermostats

Instant heat

You will feel the heat within minutes

5 years warranty

Royal Infrared panels will serve for a very long time

The best heating solution for home

Take care of yourself and your loved ones by providing efficient home heating. Royal Infrared offers the best-infrared heating panels for homes in Spain. 

Quick delivery and easy installation make it possible to feel the sun at home in a few days. Choose the right power for you and order your Royal Infrared panel(s) now!

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